Rental terms and conditions

These rental conditions are given for information purposes.

The reservation

The booking of a holiday rental can be carried out from individual to individual by signing a rental contract, this one must be signed in 2 copies.

One copy is kept by the landlord and the other by the tenant.The conclusion of the contract can be effected by simple exchange of postal mail.

However, when the accommodation is rented through an online booking site, the signing of a contract is not required.

Information about the parts

The contract must specify:

• the adress of the accomodation,
• the owner name (or the one of the manager and his head office in case of the accomodation is not rented directly by the owner),
• the name of the tenant,
• the effective date and the duration of the tenancy.

Informations about the accommodation

The contract must specify:

• the classification category (if the furnished is classified),
• the living area,
• the description of the inner arrangement,
• an inventory of furniture,
• the facilities and services available (eg garage, parking, children’s games…).

Information about the payment of the rental

The contract must specify:

• the price of the rental and the terms of payment (including the down payment or the deposit and the possible security deposit (if any) and the conditions of its return).

When the contract is concluded through the intermediary of a professional, the amounts required pledge before rental (deposit, installments and security deposit accumulated) can not exceed 25% of the rental price.

• the estimated amount of the tourist tax.

When the accommodation is rented via an online booking site, the tourist tax is collected directly from the website and is returned to the municipality concerned.


The reservation can be cancelled by the tenant or by the renter for unforeseen reasons (for example: accident, …).

If the contract provides for the consequences of such a cancellation, both parties must refer to it.

If the contract does not specify anything, it is necessary to distinguish the situation of the tenant from that of the renter.

Tenant cancellation

The tenant who cancels the reservation, except in case of ”force majeure”, must:

• either to abandon the deposit he has paid,

• or if he has paid a down payment to the landlord, pay the entire rental if the cancellation occurs less than 30 days before the entry into force (unless the property has been re-rented).

Cancellation of the renter

The landlord who cancels the reservation, except in case of ”force majeure”, must:

• either return the double of the deposit to the tenant,

• or refund the down payment paid by the tenant and the compensation for his possible non-pecuniary damage.